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A sonic playground designed
for experimental, innovative & progressive music creators.


The control room is a 110m3 recording haven. The whole room is panelled with Scandinavian pinewood, with a 10° angled sidewall to reduce standing waves.


Designed with a 70s aesthetic but purposely laid out and equipped with modern producers and innovators in mind.


At the centre of the control room is a 24 Channel Toft ATB 24, the same desk used by LCD Soundsystem to record 'This is Happening.' Flanking the main console is an incredibly rare 1976 Ex-BBC Glensound MX6/3 Sidecar, (6 channel mixer with Class A Neve-model Preamps & EQ) in combination with an additional 4 x 1081 Neve Preamps.


The studio offers 34 channels of the highest fidelity analogue recording power, with hybrid production and mixing applications blended in for an ultra fast workflow.



The Migration live room is unique space with an epic sound. The combination of a giant gabled 5.5m cathedral ceiling with the warmth of three Cotswold's stone walls generates a smooth tonal reverb with a 1.7 second decay time. If a dryer recording is needed then our four custom-built mobile acoustic panels allow artists to manipulate the environment to their needs.


The live room is a recording weapon in itself. Part of the blossoming Migration sound is using the live room as an echo chamber. Firing any recorded material from the control room into the space provides an added dimension of sound for all types of music creation.

Whether it's a thick style drum sound, a glowing synth-scape, or a rich textured piano tone, the live room is a space purpose-built for sonic exploration. 

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