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Our ever-growing list of equipment


Consoles /Preamps/EQ

Toft ATB 24 Console with meter-bridge

- 24 Channels, ATC2 Preamps & Trident Modelled Parametric EQ

Glensound MX6-3 Sidecar Console Ex-BBC, 1976 

- 6 Channels, Class A Neve-model preamps and EQ

4 x 1081 AMS Neve Preamps (4081 Quad)

1 x Cloudlifter CL2 (2 channel)

Patch Bays/Outboard Gear/FX

2 x Signex CPJ48J Isopatch (TRS>TRS)

3 x Signex CPJ48 (DB25>TRS)

1 x Neutrik TRS Patchbay

2 x Neutrik XLR Patchbay

2 x ART p16 XLR Patchbay

Boss Super Chorus 

Boss RV5 Reverb 

MXR Carbon Copy Delay 

Boss BF3 Flanger

Boss TR2 Tremolo 

Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah 

Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor 

Turbo Rat Distortion

Digitech HotHead Distortion 

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Fuzz

Electro-Harmonix Freeze

Chase Bliss Mood MKI

EMA Overdrive 

1983 Roland RE-501 Tape Delay

Fender 6G15 Tube Driven Reverb Tank

Tascam 424 Tape 4 Track Recorder (also used as tape saturator & overdrive unit)

Art Pro VLA II Tube Compressor

Roland VT3 Voice Transformer

Vintage Aphex Aural Exciter Type C 103

Uniword UDMX-40 (4 Mic Outboard Delay/Reverb)


Custom-made Mac Mini i7 3,2GHz 64GB RAM



Logic Pro X

NI Ultimate 13

Slate and Ash: Auras, Cycles, Landforms

Sound Toys (Full)

Waves (Horizon + additions)

Fab Filter Full

Good Hertz (Selected)

Universal Audio (Selected)

Sound Treatment

Control Room:

8 x Mono Acoustics Custom Floor to Ceiling Bass Traps 

1 x Mono Acoustics Custom Monster Ceiling Cloud

3 x Migration Designed Wall Absorption Panels

Live Room:

4 x Migration Designed Modular Gobos 2.1m height

1 x Migration Designed Drum Cloud & Cage


Converters & Interface

Ferrofish A32

RME Digiface

Monitoring & Playback

Adam S3H Pair - Control Room

Mackie HR824  (1990s US Model) - Live Room playback & for echo chamber

Technics HD560 Speakers with VGCA Amplifier

Hearback Octo Personal Headphone Mixers x 4 


9 x AKG K92

Behringer HA 6000 Headphone Amp


1 x 8 channel (4 TRS return) Stagebox 

1 x 24 channel (8 TRS return) Stagebox

Synthesizers/Keyboards/Drum Machines

1987 Roland Juno 106 (Upgraded Millennium Chips)

1984 Roland JX3P

1984 Roland PG200

1983 Siel Orchestra II (originally owned by Metronomy)

1977 Yamaha CP 20 - Electric Piano

1980s Yamaha Electone MC600 Organ

1973 Roland TR330 Drum Machine

1960s Lorenzo Chord Reed Organ

MicroKorg Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering OP1 

Yamaha SY55 Synthesizer

Yamaha PSR 36 Synthesizer

Yamaha P45 Piano


Neuman TLM 103 x 2

Shure Sm57 x2

Shure SM7B

Shure 52A

Samar VL37 Ribbon Mics x 2 (consecutive/stereo pair)

1987 Sennheiser 441U

Sennheiser e609 x 2

1956 Electrovoice 664 

Lewitt DTP 640 REX

Lewitt MTP 440 DM

Lewitt DTP 340 TT x 4

Lewitt LCT 140 AIR x 2

Rode NT5 x 2

WA 251 Tube Condenser 

Rode NT1A 


1959 Gretsch 6124

2000 Special Edition USA Fender Telecaster

1960s Parlour Custom Rat (Electro Acoustic)

Crafter Electro Acoustic

Governor Bass 

Peavey Predator Plus

Unbranded Nylon String 

Orchestral & Rare Instruments

26” & 29” Premier Deluxe Orchestral Timpanis

10 string West African Ngoni Guitar/Harp

Bergerault 3 Octave Orchestral Xylophone

Balinese Angklung (Full Set)


Danemann Grand Piano 1986 (7 ft) 

(We are also partnered with Sherwood Phoenix Pianos, full access to their stock can be rented - POA. The grand piano tuned regularly, if tuning is specifically required for your session tuning is charged at a rate of £100.00 per tuning)

Drums & Percussion

1971 White Silk Olympic by Premier Kit, pristine 3 ply birch and mahogany shells:

- 8 Lug Snare

-12" & 13" Rack Toms

- 14", 16" & 18" Floor Toms

- 22" Kick Drum

Yamaha Stage Custom Kit

Paiste Ride 22” 2000

Sabian Cymbal Pack

Sabian China 

8” & 10” Congas

10” Djembe

Aboriginal Stone Rattle

Wooden Jamaican Shaker

4 x Meinl egg shakers


Trace Elliot Supertramp Head

Trace Elliot 4 x 12 Cab

Vox 2 x 12 Cab

Orange Crush 35 RT


Roland SPD-SX 

Roland Sp 404A Sampler

Roland KD9 Elec. Kick 


Additional Mixers & Monitor Switching

Soundcraft EFX 12 Mixer

Heritage Audio Baby Ram

Midi Controllers

Akai Apc 40 Controller

Akai Professional

MPK 249 Midi Keyboard

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