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About Migration Studios
and The Great Elephant Migration 

The team at Migration 

Ruth Ganesh_edited.jpg

(Co-founder/Head of Creative &
Environmental Partnerships)

Ruth is a creative conservationist and philanthropist with a particular interest in environmental issues. She is the architect behind Migration Studios' pioneering environmental framework.

Her speciality is imagining and delivering major public art events around the world, which have raised more that $20 million for wildlife corridors and human-wildlife coexistence projects to date. Awards include Best Cultural Attraction, Most Innovative Fundraising Campaign and multiple Guinness World Records.

(Co-founder/Head of Production and Engineering)
Dicky is a multi-award winning film composer, music producer and engineer. His film scores have been premiered across Europe, and at Tribeca Festival New York, and has gained him two Best Soundtrack Awards ('22 and '23) at Venice's ONA FIlm Festival, for his highly modern approach to film scoring by combining classical instrumentation but with experimental analogue production techniques blended in. *Click headshot for composition website.

Alongside film scoring, his work as a music producer and engineer has seen him collaborate with Michael Kiwanuka & UNKLE, Joel Amey (Wolf Alice), Memory of Speke, Facesoul and Elbow on their number 1 album Audio Vertigo.

Dicky designed and built Migration Studios with the vision of re-imagining what a residential recording studio should mean as a modern production space; a rebuttal against solitary music creation and return to collaboration with a hybrid analogue and digital workflow. 


(Partner/Enterprise Structural Design)

Ganesh's vast experience as a head investment strategist on a global scale places him in the driving seat of Migration's Enterprise Structure. 

He has a long-standing passion for wildlife and conservation and enjoys working with entrepreneurial conservationists, who balance community-based programmes with a science-led, measurable approach. Ganesh is also a key supporter of Lion Guardians and Elephant Family, both organisations work on improving the co-existence between wild animals and people. 


Ana Maria's role as a partner at Migration Studios mainly sees her working outside of the scope of music creation. Whilst Migration Studios is a recording facility, it's modern approach demands more than just creating records. Ana Maria oversees how the studio interacts with the visual arts world and works on large sculptural art exhibitions and ceramics.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 19.15.45.png

Migration Studios is a new, independent, residential recording complex set in the heart of the Cotswolds.
Designed with sonic innovators in mind, to make future-facing work, whilst simultaneously pioneering a new approach between the production of music and the biggest challenge of our time: climate change.

The goal was to build an undeniably creative studio and to implement a new enterprise model to raise funds for environmental causes. Migration Studios supports The Great Elephant Migration, an environmental project which will see 100 life-size elephant sculptures migrate from East to West of the USA in 2024 and 2025, with an aim to raise $10m for wildlife conservation and human-wildlife coexistence.

Every artist and label that records at Migration Studios contributes to The Great Elephant Migration by helping to fund the restoration of the elephant sculptures, fund carbon sequestration through lantana conversion to biochar, and build further environmental infrastructure at the studios. 

More info by clicking on The Great Elephant Migration Logo.

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